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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Silver Italian Charms

Sterling silver is a practical alternative to white gold or platinum. Many people prefer sterling silver jewelry because of its price and beauty. Also because trendier, contemporary designs are more easily available in this metal. Cleaning sterling sterling silver is easy.

Large Flower Sterling Silver Charm
Large Flower Sterling Silver Charm
While creating this beautiful piece, we didn't cut any corners. Our skilled master, ensuring a piece to be loved by all, precisely details this marvelous Flower charm. It is a great piece that is set onto stainless steel, giving it a luxurious shine.

Four Leaf Clover Silver Charm
Four Leaf Clover Silver Charm
The luck of the Irish. This beautifully constructed dangle clover is made from 925 sterling silver and delicately set onto a high-grade stainless steel base link. This is a stylish and appealing charm that will be a great gift to any Irishmen.

Sun Sterling Silver Italian Charm
Sun Sterling Silver Italian Charm
Gorgeous dangle Sun is made from 925 sterling silver and based on a high quality stainless steel charm. This great charm is maid in original style and looks very pretty and unusual.

Flower Sterling Silver Italian Charm
Flower Sterling Silver Italian Charm
Gorgeous dangle Flower is made from 925 sterling silver and based on a finest stainless steel link. This amazing and cite flower will give the spring touch to your bracelet and your mood.

Heart Lock Sterling Silver Italian Charm
Heart Lock Sterling Silver Italian Charm
Gorgeous dangle Heart Lock is made from 925 sterling silver and based on a premium stainless steel charm. This is very original and cute piece.

Heart With Arrow Sterling Silver Italian Charm
Heart With Arrow Sterling Silver Italian Charm
Original dangle Heart With Arrow is made from 925 sterling silver and based on a high quality stainless steel charm. This is very original and elegant piece. The arrow is moveable that provides lively and unique look to the bracelet.

Heart Sterling Silver Italian Charm
Heart Sterling Silver Italian Charm
Gorgeous dangle Heart is made from 925 sterling silver and based on a premium stainless steel charm. This charm is made in very original and elegant style. This is chic and unique piece for any style bracelet.

Love Heart Dangle Silver Charm
Love Heart Dangle Silver Charm
It's no secret that love is something that you want to profess. Do so by wearing this dangle charm on your wrist. This charm is a beautiful compilation of class, elegance and pure style. The words "I Love You" are inscribed onto a sterling silver heat and backed by a stainless steel base link.

Split Heart Sterling Silver Italian Charm
Split Heart Sterling Silver Italian Charm
Amazing dangle Split Heart is made from 925 sterling silver and based on a premium stainless steel charm. This charm is very original and pretty. The stainless steel link perfectly fits all major brands Italian charms.

Heart Flower Sterling Silver Italian Charm
Heart Flower Sterling Silver Italian Charm
Amazing dangle Heart Flower is made from 925 sterling silver and based on a premium stainless steel charm. This is very original and pretty piece. Great flower is placed in the middle of gorgeous big heart.

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Monday, December 01, 2008

Coach Bags - Are They Really Worth the Cost?

Everyone knows that Coach on your bag is not only a status symbol but also a sign of great craftsmanship and durability. The Coach Company started from a baseball glove in 1941. The founder was so impressed by the the durability of the leather glove even after continuous rough handling. Why couldn't bags for men and women be that durable, he thought. Voila! A new company is born. Initially there were only six artisans working for the company. As the needs of the company began to grow they began to pass their skills and techniques to newest members of the Coach workforce.Even though the company was growing they did not change their techniques for selecting and processing their leather. Only the top ten percent of leather goods are used by Coach.

Once they receive the goods they place them in large drums allowing them to tumble over a period of several days. This allows the leather to soften naturally instead of being hurried by a chemical process. The leather goods are then treated with plant extracts to increase the softness and dried. Once the pieces are ready they are cut and shaped into what will be beautiful Coach bags. They are all hand sewn. Using double stitching on areas of the product that may need a little extra reinforcement. Neither glue nor plastic is ever used in the manufacturing process. Once the bag is complete it is put through a rigorous quality check process before it is allowed to go on the store shelf.

Because of the long process that goes into making each and every new Coach bag you are sure to have a beautiful product that will last a very long time.

Are you looking for a quality Coach Bag? Click Here To Discover Several different styles of Coach that fit your budget!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How We Can Prepare Ourselves to See Beyond Recession?

Present day glut in world's economy is reminiscent of recession which took the center stage in 1930s. World today is struggling to come to terms with this recession monster. The job losses have been unprecedented. All developed and developing economies are reeling under the onslaught of this monster. Panic has spread to India and China as well. The fallout of this recession has even hit the emerging economies of India and China very hard. India's services in form of IT and IT-ES have been hit as US and Europe accounts for nearly 60% of the IT sector revenues. China's manufacturing has stuck the panic button as the inventories are piling up and their exports have been hit.

China has announced a rescue package of around $586 Billion Dollars close on the heels on America's $700 Billion Dollars package. India's has also tried to infuse lots of liquidity in to its financial system, through lowering of Rep rates and boosting government spending but the enormity of situation demands some radical approaches. The great fall will stabilize and journey back to the upward slope of the curve may take about 18-24 months. There is lots of potential in economies of China and India. They will continue to grow at 8-10% range. World economies have to knit themselves in to one single mesh and synergize their operations. The great US economy cannot just stand and watch India and China to take the center stage. US would like to be very much involved in to the action.

More importantly since world economy is integrated today, it will be better if everybody joins hand and work towards getting economy back on rails.

? America should ask its banks and mortgage companies to renegotiate deals.
? America should find ways to re-plan the loans of house owners who are defaulting.
? Government should enhance its spending in China and more specifically in India.
? Real growth can take place only in India as lot of infrastructural deficit is discernible.
? American and European companies can come to India and be part of its growth.
? To cut costs western world should continue to outsource their operations to India and south pacific countries.

World economy will bounce back but this time around India and China has be in centrality of any rescue plans which G20 or G8 may knit together. Any country specific plan will not work this time around.

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Friday, August 01, 2008

A Glimpse into the Bush White House

Scott McClellan was part of the Bush White House from day one, and was the president's Press Secretary between 2003 and 2006. In this book he reveals much of the deception practiced there, focusing on two issues, the "sale" of the war in Iraq on false premises and the deliberate outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame.

But McClellan is a Texas Republican and believes in George W Bush, so you have to take much of what he says with a pitch of salt. Even if he is more critical than any previous Bush insider, he still plays down the faults. In the background there is a sense of "the Democrats did this stuff too, we just failed in our attempt to be better than them".

Not everyone would agree with that opinion.

On the war, McClellan claims Bush had a dream from the beginning of overthrowing Saddam to create a domino wave of democracy spreading through the Middle East. But instead of presenting that vision to the American people Bush and his people chose instead to use Weapons of Mass Destruction as an excuse for war. Since there were no WMD, the later change to the democracy issue looked like a bait and switch, which McClellan claims, could have been avoided had Bush been more honest about his motives from the beginning.

While McClellan claims Bush wanted to work through the United Nations, there isn't a single mention in this book of the UN arms inspectors under Hans Blix, who wanted to keep working, but were stopped by the American invasion of Iraq. Obviously had they been given that chance, the proven lack of WMD would have made going to war much harder.

McClellan goes into great detail on the Plame affair, in which he twice told the Washington press corps that specific top officials had assured him they not leaked the name of the CIA agent. He describes how both the Vice President's chief of staff Scooter Libby and Bush's top aid Karl Rove out and out lied to him. McClellan is at his strongest here, and his story is very credible. What he leaves unclear is how much Dick Cheney or George Bush were behind the illegal exposure of an agent. But there are slight hints (very slight) that both, especially Cheney, were somehow involved.

What isn't in this book is any description of the Bush administration's war on civil liberties. Abu Ghraib is mentioned (and deplored) only once in passing, and the word "Guantanamo" is conspicuous by its absence. It's hard to believe the White House Press Secretary didn't have to deal with these issues during a five year tenure, and while McClellan comes across as a decent person with strong ethics, this omission is curious.

But this is probably as critical an insider's view of the Bush White House and its abuses as we are ever going to get.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Democratic candidate Jerry Brady

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brady is so proud of his latest campaign finance report that he put out a press release, complete with a photo showing a happy Brady bringing his report in to the Secretary of State’s office.

The reason: He raised $145,155 in the filing period, which ran only from May 8 through June 2. His largest donations were from the Democratic Governors Association, which gave $10,000 each for the primary and general elections; and from Richard Hackborn of Meridian, who gave $5,000 for each contest (his first $5,000 contribution came before the current filing period). But the vast majority of the contributions were from individual Idahoans who gave less than $1,000 each; the finance report stretches for 26 pages. Brady said he raised money at twice the pace this period that his leading opponent, Republican Congressman Butch Otter, hit during the previous filing period. Of course, Otter’s raised far more money in total – more than $1 million. Brady has raised $318,000 so far this year, and has $380,000 in the bank for his campaign for governor.

Otter’s latest report isn’t in yet, but as of his pre-primary report, he’d raised $348,000 this year and had $419,000 in the bank.

Brady said his fundraising spurt shows the battle for governor is on. “I’m proud of the momentum our campaign has built,” he said, “and with this influx of money from middle class Idahoans, we will be able to deliver our message that Idaho is not for sale.” Brady is a former newspaper publisher from Idaho Falls who took 41.7 percent of the vote in 2002 to then-incumbent Gov. Dirk Kempthorne’s 56.3 percent.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


So long story short, I had to go out to Wal-Mart this morning to purchase a new garbage can for my bathroom. I guess I didn't have to go to Wal-Mart, but I did. And amazingly enough I ran into the last person on earth I ever thought would shop at Wal-Mart. I can't tell you who it was...we made an oath in the store to never reveal our identities, though in telling this story I realize I am revealing the fact that I was in fact in Wal-Mart.

For the record, I hate Wal-Mart. I've only been to the place maybe a half-dozen times by myself, I hate shopping and I especially hate shopping alone. One of my many trips out to Wal-Mart left me accused of purchasing questionable items, items that my Wal-Mart shopping partner had put in the basket and was surely across the store looking for more...come to think of it, she's a questionable friend. Needless to say, I avoid Wal-Mart.

This person I ran into happens to be one of the most die-hard Democrats I know. So, as I was pulling out of the parking lot, which if possible, I hate more than the store itself, I was thinking -- what if all the Democrats in the United States stopped shopping at Wal-Mart? Couldn't we put them out of business?

As soon as I find another store in P-Town that sells Diet IBC Root Beer, I'm breaking loose of the Wal-Mart bond.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Local Happenings - An Abolition Campaign and Progressive Advocacy Training

I've still been slacking bad! Only three posts in all of January! I have, however, a plan to reinvigorate this little blog (just for personal satisfaction, and to be prepared if I ever do gather an audience). I am going to write a weekly piece commenting on current events, to be published every Friday. This week I'll have a piece about the State of the Union Address on Tuesday, so check back in two days for that. I'm also going to have plenty to write about as this semester of activism kicks into gear. There are Amnesty International meetings every Thursday (at 5:00 pm at The Flying M) and Idaho Progressive Student Alliance meetings almost every Sunday (at 5:00 pm in the Alexander Room, upstairs in the Student Union Building). Not this weekend, but the next, I'll be attending the United Students Against Sweatshops conference in San Francisco, so I'll have that to write about also. I'm also volunteering more- regularly at Ten Thousand Villages, a fair trade imports store, and this Saturday night at the Snake River Alliance dinner. Some more major events for this spring:

  • Progressive Advocacy Training. The IPSA organizes this event every February. Progressive students from around the state will come together for workshops and actions on progressive issues. Some workshops this year: fair trade, amnesty international, coca-cola boycott, running for local office, understanding right to work, grant writing, and Idaho nuclear issues. The training will take place from February 17th through 20th. Email IPSA at for more information.
  • A Campaign for Death Penalty Abolition:
    In early December of last year the United States carried out the execution of Kenneth Boyd in North Carolina. But this was not just another execution. Boyd's execution marked the thousandth since the United States reinstated the use of the death penalty in 1976. Enough is enough. The United States is alone in the developed world as a nation that still practices this blatant abuse of human rights. Capital punishment is not a deterrent; is inherently racist; is the ultimate and irreversible denial of human rights; is not a reasonable administration of justice; has the very real possibility of killing innocent people; and is essentially murder by the state. Now is the time to speak out against this ongoing abuse of human rights. We cannot wait for another thousand executions to speak out. Amnesty International of Boise State University and Amnesty International of Boise High School are planning a campaign for abolition here in the Treasure Valley. We hope to spur debate of the issue in the community and reframe that debate in a manner which would reveal the practice as legitimized murder. Anyone is invited to join this crucial campaign for abolition. Come to Amnesty meetings to take part.
  • National Week of Student Action:
    Amnesty International of BSU is preparing for the National Week of Student Action to take place in early April. This year, we are putting our energy into saving women's lives by supporting the Treaty for the Rights of Women. This treaty seeks to end violence against women, ensure access to education and health care, provide equal protection under the law, and prevent other abuses of human rights. Basic human rights, right? Sadly, the United States still has not ratified this important treaty, even though more than 180 other countries around the globe already have. We will receive an NWSA action kit from Amnesty International USA in mid-February at which time the real organizing will begin. The week of action will consist of advocacy in the community to raise awareness and action aimed at urging the United States to ratify the treaty. Anyone is invited to assist us in participating in this week of action. We hope you can. Again, just come to the meetings to take part.