My New Class

Unfortunately, I can only be a part-time student. Hampshire College, as part of my deferral agreement, only permits me to attend Boise State University as a non-degree seeking student. So, the classes I enroll in now are purely for fun. Last semester I failed by picking an excruciatingly boring philosophy course. This semester, however, looks brighter. I attended the second session of an American government and politics course, taught by a Proffessor Shaw (who is writing a book about Reed v. Reed, which will have a forward by Ruth Bader Ginsburg... way cool). Even though this is simply an introductory course (probably covering much material I've already covered more than once), I'm excited. There is no textbook but rather five books that range in subject from the genocide in Rwanda to Bush's war cabinet to Brown v. Board (the one we are reading now). I overheard students behind me today during a break commenting on the Professor's teaching style. Rather than shoving a heaping of neatly organized facts down our reluctant throats, he is discussing real, momentous events to relate to us the essential concepts and ideas of American government. At least that seems to be the gist so far. These students were worried about exams and not gathering the correct true or false, multiple choice answers. If only they knew that education concerns the questions, and not simply the black and white answers...

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