This Is Why You Need a Selfie Stick

The selfie stick is a relatively new gadget getting introduced in the market, yet many people would claim having seen somebody using one, though they might not have realized what exactly it is used for, or how it operates and helps its users. If you come across someone using it, you are very likely to find it a superfluous item, as one could easily use their arm for performing the act that a selfie stick does. But in fact, it is more helpful than many people can guess. If you have not used one so far, here are some good reasons to prompt you starting using one.

Fits in more people

Just think of the action you need to perform for taking photos of large groups. Yes, you'll need to extend your arm to its maximum limit to include every member of the group in your photo. Now, think of the results of this action. Often, the result would be a tasteless photo wherein everybody gets squeezed, much to the discomfort of everybody forming the group. Unless the photographer is abnormally tall, the result would not be satisfactory. The use of selfie stick allows you to easily and comfortably fill in all members of a large group in your frame. Moreover, you won't need to stretch your arm to an uncomfortable level, or displace your shoulder.


Everybody loves taking pictures while traveling and holidaying. One finds too many funny incidents or beautiful places that need to be capture in camera. Often, you would prefer to get photographed with some beautiful monument or natural surroundings forming a background. So, you would need help from a third person. A selfie stick on the other hand allows you to take such beautiful, memorable photos without seeking help from anyone. Well, you may draw puzzled looks from onlookers, as they can't make out what you are doing really. Soon, they will be using a stick of their own. Traveling with a selfie stick is no problem, as it can be folded to the size of a writing pen and stored in a handbag.

No need to seek favors from strangers

The use of selfie stick dispenses the requirement of requesting any unknown person to take your photos. So, you don't have to wait till a stranger comes your way and looks decent to talk to, and does you the favor of taking your photograph. It saves you plenty of time. Moreover, you need not worry about people unintentionally walking past the shot that you had focused.

Splendid angles and points of viewing

A selfie stick really comes handy when you want to take snaps from an angle which is almost impossible otherwise. You can rotate the stick to any desired angle and capture your unique shot, much to the envy of your friends and relatives. Same holds true for making videos - the use of these sticks offers endless possibilities.

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