Coach Bags - Are They Really Worth the Cost?

Everyone knows that Coach on your bag is not only a status symbol but also a sign of great craftsmanship and durability. The Coach Company started from a baseball glove in 1941. The founder was so impressed by the the durability of the leather glove even after continuous rough handling. Why couldn't bags for men and women be that durable, he thought. Voila! A new company is born. Initially there were only six artisans working for the company. As the needs of the company began to grow they began to pass their skills and techniques to newest members of the Coach workforce.Even though the company was growing they did not change their techniques for selecting and processing their leather. Only the top ten percent of leather goods are used by Coach.

Once they receive the goods they place them in large drums allowing them to tumble over a period of several days. This allows the leather to soften naturally instead of being hurried by a chemical process. The leather goods are then treated with plant extracts to increase the softness and dried. Once the pieces are ready they are cut and shaped into what will be beautiful Coach bags. They are all hand sewn. Using double stitching on areas of the product that may need a little extra reinforcement. Neither glue nor plastic is ever used in the manufacturing process. Once the bag is complete it is put through a rigorous quality check process before it is allowed to go on the store shelf.

Because of the long process that goes into making each and every new Coach bag you are sure to have a beautiful product that will last a very long time.

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