Bright Eyes in SLC

Last night I saw Bright Eyes live at Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake City. It was an incredible show! In the quiet between songs someone shouted, "Conor Oberst is Jesus!" Though I'm not quite that fanatical, Bright Eyes is just that epic. Oberst was bursting with passion as he played his songs. The band backed him up with a fabric of surreal music coming from an interesting mix of instruments, from a harp to a steel guitar to a trumpet. Oberst's poetry filled fans' minds with rich stories and profound observations that spilled out onto my pillow that night. There is an unquestionable otherworldy greatness to Bright Eyes that is undeniably evident live.

Bright Eyes, however, doesn't fit very well into the context of this blog. To make this post more relevant, I'll suggest that you check out the following video: Conor Oberst plays "When the President Talks to God" on Jay Leno (click the 'Watch Now!' link)

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