Resist 'Black Friday'! Buy Nothing Instead...

This morning I heard wind of 'Black Friday' on NPR News 91. However, I also heard the editor of Adbusters Magazine describing the alternate for November 25th, 'Buy Nothing Day.' I smacked my head as I remembered the significance of today, not because I was on my way to work instead of on my way to the mall, but because I hadn't blogged about 'Buy Nothing Day'! I've observed this rejection of American consumerism before, and today was no different. I didn't spend a penny.

Sure enough, when I arrived home from work, I noticed buzz in the blogosphere about 'Buy Nothing Day'. I thought I'd join in by showing you where to read more on the holiday:

Happy Buy Nothing Day! (

Buy Nothing Day: Ignore Black Friday (All Facts and Opinions)

Buy Nothing Day (Official Page from Adbusters)

Buy Nothing Day UK

Google search for 'Buy Nothing Day' if the above links don't satisfy you!

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