The Gaping Hole in Downtown Boise

I recently received an email from a website launched to express frustration over the gaping hole in downtown Boise. If you don't live in Boise then you probably haven't heard that we have such a hole. A few years ago construction began on what was supposed to be the tallest building in Idaho, the Boise Tower. It would include condos, business space, stores and restaurants, parking, and more. However, construction never made it above the ground. For years now there has been a hole at 8th and Main, smack dab in the middle of downtown, with ugly metal foundation structures jutting out. Small walls have been built around it to keep it as much out of sight as possible, but out of sight doesn't translate to out of mind. One can still see the hole, and it doesn't help that on an adjacent building a giant poster proclaims that the defunct Boise Tower is "whats going up downtown!" Visit the The Boise Hole website to read more and express your own frustration over this eyesore and wasted space in our beloved downtown. If I had the power, I'd turn the hole into a public park to add a bit of natural beauty to downtown. Post a comment with your idea, if you feel so inclined.

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