Our Damn President

This sort of talk from our commander and chief twists and churns my guts (from the BBC):
US President George W Bush has said too much is at stake in Iraq for politicians to make "false charges" about the reasons for going to war.

Amid new questions in Congress about the intelligence used to justify the invasion, he said it was "irresponsible to rewrite history".

Irresponsible to rewrite history? Are you kidding me? This isn't a president who is defending his policies, this is a president who is villanizing credible, reputable political dissent during wartime. Legitimate questions have and rightly should be raised about the road to war. The stakes for both the United States and Iraq are very serious, but we can't make good decisions now without understanding what brought us to this point. Bush's attacks are simply a refusal to gain a deeper understanding and frankly, this type of thinking from our commander in chief is a dangerous disease during war.

(check out the book War Is A Force To Give Us Meaning by Chris Hedges for more information on poisonous thought such as this during wartime)

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