City Council Elections

Next Tuesday's elections will be the first time in my life that I vote. Last year I turned eighteen one week after the elections. While there is less at stake this time around, I'm plenty excited to cast my vote.

Before I vote, I'll add my two cents to the discussion. The prospect of Brandi Swindell being a city council member is ridiculous for too many reasons. She has no college education nor any experience related to the job she is applying for. While I am not crazy about Maryanne Jordan, she possesses extensive experience related to her job- a college education, co-owning a small business, and serving on the Boise City Planning and Zoning Commission, as President of the West Valley Neighborhood Association, and as Facilitator of the Boise Neighborhood Alliance. She has been involved with organizations relevant to a city council position, whereas Swindell's experience with organizations such as Generation Life, a religious right-wing organization, is completely irrelevant to a city council position. Regardless of Swindell's radical views or either candidate's out-of-state campaign donations, it just makes more sense to elect Jordan. This job should be approached in a pragmatic fashion, not an ideological one. Swindell certainly possesses an ideological fervor, but Jordan is very clearly the practical choice.

That said, I encourage everyone to vote on November 8th! Even though the ballots are small this year, voting is important. Of course, voting is only part of active involvement with the world. Vote, but don't just vote! (I'll write more about doing more than just voting next week...)

Profiles of the Candidates
Precinct Map (scroll down to 'Precinct Locator')
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